* Arizona Cyprus

* Neem

* Plumeria (seed grown & cutting) 1'-2.5'

*Mountain Laurel

* Mesquite (Argentinian, Chilean, Honey)

* China Berry

* Privet

Cactus and Succulents


*Desert Rose (Obesum, Somalense and Arabicum- seed grown)

* Mesembryanthemum

* Sempervivum

* Trichoceres (Red yellow, and White bloom)

* Aloe (Flowering, Shark, Vari.)

* Agave (Blue, Zebra, Vari.)

* Jade

*  Cholla (Grey NOT Jumping Yellow)

* Golden Barrel

* Red Barrel

* Hedgehog

* Dragon fruit

* Opuntia (santa rita purple &green)

* Mammillaria

* Old Man Cactus

* Zebra Aloe

* Red yucca

* Saguaro

Our inventory is always growing and changing. these lists are only what is ready for planting now, and are updated intermittently:)


* Banana (Dwarf Cavendish-Musa Red-Mahoi)

* Green Grapes( Thompson)

* Merlot Grapes

* Strawberries (Sequoia, Ft Laramie)

* Gogi Berry

* Dragon Fruit (Red, Yellow & White)

*Blackberries (Himalayan)

* Blueberries (2types)

*Hardy Kiwi (self fertile Issai- Kens red combo)


*Coffee (Arabica)

*Guava (Strawberry)

Garden Supplies
*Organic Rooting Hormone $5  (16oz)

Willow bark, Kelp Extract & Mycorrhizae

*Sweet Soil $10 per 2 ft bag

compost, peat, pumice and lots of slow release organic fertilizer developed for trees and garden plants.

*Cactus Soil $7

Designed for superior drainage with added calcium

*Sweet Tea Liquid Fertilizer $8 gal

*Pest Spray $7 per 32oz

* Compost Worms (Available Now)


Pomegranate (white & wonder)

Loquat (Big Jim )

Dwarf Purple mulberry
Fig( Violette, Black Mission, Brown Turkey. Texas Everbearing)
Papaya (Strawberry- Wamanlo)
Mulberry White (female)

Blood Orange



Nugget Mandarin

Cara Cara Orange

Valencia Orange

Rio Red Grapefruit

Meyer Lemon

Mexican Lime

Frost Mandarin

Olive (Arbequena)



Stock Updated 1/1/2018

Other Plants


*Chrysanthemum (Red/ Yellow/White)

*Black Canna Lily

* Yarrow 

* Geranium

*  Hibiscus (over 12 varieties)

* Dianthus(6 Varieties Perennial)

* Calendula

*Sun Rose


*Mini thornless rose (4 colors)

*Mexican Petunia

* Torch Lily


* Basil (Sweet ,Lemon, Thai, Purple, Cinnamon)

* Mint (Spearmint,Peppermint,apple,Variegated pineapple)


* Oregano (Hot&spicy)



*Borage (indian)



(sixpacks on sale now)

*Spinach (viroflay, early, perpetual chard)

*Broccoli ( Romanesco, early)


*Romaine Lettuce

*Mixed Green lettuce

*Black seeded Lettuce

*Cabbage (Chinese Baclan)

* Broccoli Rabb

*Broccoli Rapini

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